Discover Why Sugar MUST Be Avoided to Reduce Your Inflammation

Inflammation affects millions of people around the world and is a precursor to many more serious diseases and health problems. One of the biggest culprits is sugar. The food we eat has changed more over the past 50 years, than it did over several centuries.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions. People are fatter than ever and losing weight is extremely difficult these days. Diabetes statistics have skyrocketed and more people now complain of aches, pains and a general sense of unease within their body.

They don’t know why it hurts, but they just know that it does. This is one of the symptoms of inflammation… and very often, it’s due to the food we eat. Refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners have creeped into most processed foods.

These detrimental substances not only spike your blood sugar levels but also suppress your immune system. Once your immune system is down, you’ve opened the door for inflammation to creep in.

Sugar is highly addictive too. This makes giving it up or cutting it down even more difficult. Yet, if you’re suffering from inflammation, cutting down your intake of sugar or eliminating it from your diet should be the first step you undertake. It is so effective that you’ll feel better within a few days to a week.

Let’s look at an example. If you eat a donut that’s generously coated with powdered sugar, the moment it enters your body, you’ll experience a blood sugar spike and the body will release insulin. Over time, you’ll become insulin insensitive and the body releases more insulin than necessary.

Excess insulin ends up being stored as fat. So, now you’re gaining weight and becoming insulin insensitive. When your blood sugar levels are high, your joints, lungs, skin and other organs are adversely affected. This leads to health issues and inflammation.

You’re probably wondering, “But, what about artificial sweeteners?”

Despite the marketing hype about these artificial sweeteners being beneficial, the truth of the matter is that artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar. They’re more toxic and causes the brain to not receive signals when your stomach is full. You end up eating more than you need to and gain excess weight.

Artificial sweeteners also increase your risk of getting many nasty health problems. The reason for this is the use of solvents in the production of these sweeteners. Avoid artificial sweeteners totally and you’ll feel much better over time.

You may wish to look for natural sugar alternatives such as stevia, honey or pure maple syrup. Even cold fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth. Do note that even with these natural sugars, your body will still experience a blood sugar spike. However, it will not be as detrimental as what you’d get with refined sugars.

Your goal should be to reduce your consumption of refined sugar and if you’re consuming foods consuming artificial sugar, you need to totally cut those out. Reducing your consumption of these is not an option.

Start a food journal and write down what you eat daily. Aim to make small and steady progress as you eliminate unnecessary foods from your diet. You may indulge yourself in the occasional treat… but for the most part, there should be as little sugar in your diet as possible.

Committed to Your Health,