Is this about right?


You know, I completely understand why people want things yesterday.  I wish I had a nickel for every time someone asks me, “how long will this take?”    My response is always the same… It will take less time to take it off the weigh, then it took you to put it on.”

I get it.

We are a society built upon immediate gratification.

So why shouldn’t fitness results follow the same pattern?

It doesn’t,  so as a result, many people throw in the towel even though they were on the exact correct path to awesome results.

It takes a while.

Exactly how long?

Well, based upon years and years of observation and measurements, here is what I have come to expect…

Please bear in mind this is for people who are REALLY dialed in, and going after it…

Not those who are good Sunday through Wednesday and let things slide during an extended weekend.

Here you go:

After 3-4 weeks:

It takes about 3 weeks for your body to figure out what you are doing.  You will feel a clear difference. That is, you will do some physical activity and say to yourself, “Wow! That was much easier than it used to be!”

After 6 weeks:

You will likely receive an unsolicited comment from someone else. “Hey, you look great! Did you have work done?” or something to that effect.

Someone NOT looking at you naked in the mirror will notice.

After 8-10 weeks:

You can change the world. Literally.

I’m NOT saying that if you had 50 pounds to lose, you will be there.

But you will be very far along to the point that people may NOT recognize you in certain cases.

It means you have found something that works for you!

Stick with it.

If you are looking at losing a very large amount of weight, this can definitely be done in a year’s time.

And guess what…

That year is going to pass anyway.

At the end of that time, you can still be upset about your state of health, OR you could have completely turned it around!

For good.

I hope that keeps things in perspective for you!

Stay strong!