Teen Obesity

Can I take a minute and talk to you about something near and dear to my heart?  This is not judgement by no means,  it is truly coming from my heart.    My theme for next month was going to be every thing Spring but I changed my mind and decided to go with teenage obesity because nobody wants to talk about it.

Obesity in teenagers and children is maybe one of the saddest sights I see; and it is beginning to be the norm.

However, it is cruel and horrible for children to be that overweight, they will not have a good social life or medical life and many things will get them down.

They will find it hard to make friends as they will be bullied at school due to their weight and their health will suffer greatly as medical complications are always paired with obesity. We need to help our children and out teenagers to shake their unhealthy lives and get back into fitness and healthy living!

Teen obesity is a great complicated problem as obesity is not always caused by laziness and over eating; it is sometimes due to their family’s medical history and medical conditions that they may be suffering.

Although not all teen obesity is due to genetics it can also be due to medical conditions. Problems with glands or thyroid problems are often a cause contributing to obesity but then obesity contributes too many other medical complications. If you do not want to see your child or teenager suffer then measures need to be taken to sort out the problem of obesity!

Albeit laziness and poor diet heavily contributes to the problem of teen obesity, we need to encourage teenagers to get out more instead of playing inside with computers and watching televisions. They need to be shown what an acceptable diet is and taught that junk food and convenience foods are not the best option for them and that there are healthy alternatives available! In doing this you help fight teen obesity and save our children from a future of emotional problems and most importantly health problems associated with obesity.

Children should be encouraged to take part in more physical activities such as sports and going out more. Doing this will ensure (if they eat properly) that they will be burning more calories than they are eating therefore keeping the weight off and if needed they will lose some. Obesity needs to be tackled in the early stages to help prevent a life of discomfit and pain.

Parents need to take a stand to help prevent teen obesity and get their children sorted. For all that they say you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, healthy eating should be demonstrated by the parents and the children will follow their lead! Teenagers should be made aware of the consequences of obesity and helped towards a better future!