Overcoming Initial Fitness Challenges

Change can be hard and sometimes rough roads turn up along even the best fitness course of action. These rough challenges can cause you to alter speed and direction, just like real bumps in pavement for vehicles. So let’s see how to maneuver your way around them so that you can continue along on your path to success.


Negative comments from others can be challenging, especially during initial planning and action stages and during stagnant times when there seems to be no apparent progress. First of all, understanding why these comments occur can help you pass right on by these bumps in the road.

Generally, negative comments come from a couple of different types or groups of people.

One type of people who offer negative comments are feeling different emotions because of you and your fitness plans. They often include things like (a) jealousy because they wish they could do what you’re doing but for whatever reasons aren’t (b) ignorance; i.e. they’ve also read a couple of fitness magazines and think they know everything, especially what’s right for you (c) low self-esteem and fear; i.e. deep down inside they want you to fail so that they can feel superior and / or they do not want to get in there and get fit, too. It’s hard work and few want to bother.


Combat the negativity with positivism. Here are a couple of tips:

–              Start taking and cranking up the volume on your Ipod.

–              Tell others there, “Thanks for the interest but…” and briefly explain that you must follow the plan your trainer helped you map out and need to get back to work at it now because your schedule is full.

–              De-stress by jogging or running, try a change of pace and bike outdoors or work out at home or during a different time once in awhile.

–              Rant on fitness forums, then get back to your workout.

Don’t give up, though, and give in to the negativity. Keep up your spirits and take care of yourself. Eventually the others will turn away and focus on others – or maybe follow your lead and focus on their own improvement plans. Now that would be a win-win!


Yours in Strength,